Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Dagmar from A Cat In the Kitchen food blog posted her New Year’s resolutions a few days ago. Since I also made some food related resolutions this year, I thought it‘s still not too late to blog about them too ;) So, here they are:

1. Post on my blog more often (at least twice a week).

2. Cook one Polish dish a month.
I’ve realized recently that the only time in the year when I actually eat/cook traditional Polish food is at Christmas. So, this year I want to learn how to make all the delicious Polish meals I remember from my childhood. I would also like to play a little with the ingredients of some of the traditional Polish recipes to make them more “international”, for example make traditional Polish pierogi with unusual filling.

3. Make more salads.

4. Buy a good cookbook with traditional Polish recipes (needed to follow the resolution no 2).

5. Blog a little bit about me.
I think it’s always nice for the readers when they (you) can read a little bit about the author of the blog. Anyway, I always prefer those blogs whose authors reveal a little bit about themselves to the blogs whose authors stay anonymous.

6. Improve my English skills (or at least my food related vocabulary).
Well, English is not my native language and I’m aware that my posts will never be as well written as the texts of native English food bloggers. Still, I hope I’ll manage to improve my English a little.

7. Blog about my cookbooks.
I wonder how it’s possible I didn’t write about one cookbook yet. I definitely have to change that;)

8. Buy a new camera.
To take better pictures of food of course ;)

9. Organize my recipes.
I have hundreds of recipes cut out from magazines or printed from the Internet that need to be organized.

10. Try more new ingredients.

11. Make a list of recipes to try.

12. Work more on the Polish version of my blog.
The Polish version of my blog is simply a translation of some of the recipes from my English blog with no introductory text at all. This year I would like to make my Polish blog look more like the English one.

Have a wonderful 2008!!!


Dagmar - A Cat in the Kitchen said...

Great resolutions!!! I admire the effort you put on writing in two languages. I would love to write in Swedish and/or Polish as well but it just takes so much time (at least when I write Polish... :-)

Szczesliwego Nowego Roku!

karolcia said...

Thank you:) I admire you for speaking three languages, I know only two ;)